About the Department

It offers B.Tech (Information Technology) with a yearly intake of sixty students. The department of Information Technology offers engineering programme at the undergraduate level. The course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of Information Technology with emphasis on applications together with a judicious blend of technical skills. The department emphasis the use of learning tools for the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Role-play, case study, project work, practical exposure, assignments, quiz, seminars, industry visits are some of the methods used for teaching learning process. The curriculum provides, not only provides technical knowledge but also the exposure to recent technologies. To impart good quality engineering education, the department focuses on development of practical and application oriented minds. It is our attempt to make students learn by doing rather than by simply learning of topics and subjects.



The information Technology Department of Government Engineering College, Banda would continue to provide leading program in the field of computing. The graduates produced would be globally recognized as innovative and well prepare computing professionals. These graduates would be leaders and innovators in the industry, education and other walks of social life.


The Department has following computing facilities:

1. Computer Centre

It is a general observation that students at the entry level of undergraduate programs.
It provide practical exposure and on-hand working environment to such students, The computer Center has over 90 computer made available in central air conditioned laboratory of the college building. They are fully networked with branded HP (I3) systems and servers with one Laser Printer. High internet speed of 15 Mbps, broadband internet connectivity has been provided in main computer center with at least one faculty and technical staff to guide them.

Computer Specification:

  • I3 5th generation x64 Processor
  • 1 TB Hard Disk
  • 4 GB RAM
  • An integrated Cabinet with speakers and other accessories.


  • Visual Basic
  • Turbo C
  • JDK

2. Computer Lab 2

This LAB is innovation Lab. In this LAB students work on new Technologies and expert in contemporary technologies like PHP. The Lab is fully centralized air conditioned and well furnished. This Lab consists of one server and 30 computers with one printer etc.

Computer Specification: