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Max printing size: 400x300x500mm

1. UPS
2. Filament detector
3. Auto power-off

1. Industrial grade full linear rails structure
2. 10mm aluminum hot bed, temperature up to 110 degrees
3. 5-inch full color touch screen display

Features: large size + high stability + high precision + easy operation + support of printing various filaments

MINGDA X1 is the world’s first Android portable high-precision 3D scanner, equipped with a 7.0inch 2K high-definition capacitance touch display screen, with embedded computing power, large capacity lithium power continuation, is an industrial VR/AR color reverse modeling, 3D portrait shooting. A good helper in homework. 3D models can be scanned and output without connecting to a computer. Based on cloud computing and storage technology, users can calculate, store and share 3D models in different places. Automatic operation is realized in the scanning process, which is simple and easy to use and is suitable for users of all ages.

Startups Incubated at Incubation Centre

S.No. Startup Name Work Description DIPPT No. Website Domain Company Logo
1 BinaryDots Technologies Pvt Ltd India first SaaS for hostel DIPP15016 https://fretbox.in/
2 Empyrean Robotic Technologies LLP Development of Drones & Robots for B2G & B2B market segment DIPP3215 https://www.empyrotech.com/
3 DIY Schools Pvt.Ltd. EdTech Platform DIPP65072 https://www.diyschools.com/
4 BringOn Digital India Pvt Ltd MammasPride under BringOn provides a platform for parents to discover and nurture a child’s innate potential, with just 10-15 minutes of daily activities. DIPP50130 https://www.mammaspride.com/
5 White Wular Online Offline Stores India Private Limited Hybrid-Marketplace, Deep Tech, Consumer DIPP19682 https://whitewular.com/
6 Innovilla Private Limited To this problem is an organized, affordable, easy to use, and customized platform that is made to let Our user focus on their business DIPP96716 https://innovilla.in/
7 Himayu Innovators Private Limited Antiviral Nano Breathing Nasal Filter DIPP57697 Not Available
8 Shobha Multi Specialty Services Private Limited Build a talent pool With training we intend to prepare the efficient candidates that can actually fill the requirement for a long time. With intact corporate values and ethics, we tend to bring out more flare in the talent pool that organization already has or look forward to hire DIPP62532 Not Available
9 Aakhya Infradevelopers Pvt Ltd Agri Based Support Through Solar Equipments DIPP65907 https://aidpltd.com/ logo not available
10 Feips Pvt.Ltd Sermigo App Is Hyperlocal On-Demand Beauty And Grooming Services Appointment Booking Platform. Sermigo Provides Best Beauty ,Hair And Skin Professional To Choose From Any Nearest Salon, With Just A Tap On Your Smartphone. DIPP36517 https://seriamigo.com/
11 Finovac Financial Services Pvt.Ltd Personal Finance Management And Digital Wealth Advisory Platform Based On Account Aggregator Platform. DIPP94988 Website Not Available logo not available
12 Alternate Dynamics Llp An Ai-Based Design With Higher Degrees Of Freedom That Can Be Trained By Its User. A Lightweight, Dynamic Mechanical Design With Precise Biosensors To Control The Hand Smoothly. The Product Will Be Easy To Use And Affordable. DIPP111812 Website Not Available logo not available
13 Chatfara Agro Pvt. Ltd. Agriculture Based Innovative Products At Low Cost DIPP114225 Website Not Available logo not available
14 Frinzza Pvt. Ltd. World’s 1st Ai/Ml Oriented Online Gifting Marketplace, Based On An Annual-Recurring-Subscription Revenue Model DIPP71562 https://corporate.frinza.com/
15 Crestkiting Retails Pvt. Ltd. A low cost air purification devices based on Negative Air Ion Technology to improve air quality and to scrub virus, bacteria, germs, PM2.5, VOCs etc inside closed DIPP59427 www.crestkiting.com
16 HDPI Softweblink Solutions LLP Softweblink is a premium design and development agency that focuses on quality, innovation, &
speed. We utilized technology to bring results to grow our client’s businesses. We pride ourselves on great work ethic, integrity, and end results.
DIPP70031 softweblink.com
17 Cybersrc Labs Pvt Ltd To provide cyber & digital security software solutions to mitigate the threats & protect IT & digital assets of the organizations. DIPP82864 cybersrcc.com
18 Galloper Merchant (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. An E-Commerce platform which adds values to Traditional Handicrafts art which makes the products more presentable and marketable. www.trishacraftfashions.com
19 US24 Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A software for Small clinics and hospitals to manage the patient appointment scheduling, patient health records, a payment module, integration with Health insurance etc. https://us24solutions.com
20 Aerodrome Uav Solution (Opc) Pvt Ltd It is focused on providing high-quality aerial imaging services to a variety of industries. Our goal is
to utilize the latest technology and techniques in drone SOLAR FAULT DETECTION to give our clients an unparalleled perspective of their projects.
21 Rudragizm Hybrid Ev Vehicle Private Limited A Dual Hybrid Eelectrical Vehicle which can be run with the petrol Engine as well as with the Battery. https://rudragizm-hybrid-ev-pvt-ltd.netlify.app/
22 Angarybaaz Service Pvt.LtdAngarybaaz Service Pvt.Ltd An E-Commerce marketplace reating a Custom Printing Marketplace: Connect Sellers & Buyers https://www.printila.in
23 Munity Labs (OPC) Pvt Ltd It helps to solve iron deficiency (anaemia) problem in Indian women particularly pregnant women. Website not available

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